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Past Volunteers' Experiences
Delphine & Damien
We've been volunteering for VolNepal in Chitwan in November, 2007...
Fred Lam
I thought traveling can be something more than just visiting a place...
Daniel Verblun
I visited the local Murry Foundation Orphanage and enjoyed immensely...
Michelle Caster
I am amazed at how much I learned in the short two and a half weeks...
I spent my time in the Radiotherapy department for all six weeks I was...
Patrick Fromherz
Upon arrival at the Katmandu airport I was pleased to find a van waiting...
Michael Briesch
It's very hard to describe my time that I spent in Nepal. The reason being...
Kourtnie Schaefer
My experience with VNNG in 2009 was a remarkable gateway into the interworking....
The children are very nice. Even I came to give all from me, teaching, helping them...
Paiman Vahdatinia
First, I would just like to say that my experience in Nepal and volunteering with VolNepal...
Roya Vahdatinia
While friends back in the States were celebrating the New Year with music and dance...
Vanice Chan and Franko
It was only a week we spent in Nepal but it was like we had spent a year already...
Edith Chang
I think it was a wonderful experience; not only did I lived in a Nepali’s home and....
Rima Patel
During the month of June 2011, I participated in a 2-week medical internship program....
James Wolfe
Kathmandu traffic contrasts with the glorious temples like the sacred cremation ghats at Pashupatinath...
Samone Brockett
Teaching at Nabin was a lot of fun, and I learned more about my teaching style...
Leigh Patton
My stay in Nepal was for three and half months. When I first arrived I taught English to Buddhist Monks.

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