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Nepal is currently at a turning point.


There are many positive developments that are pushing the county towards a more just, prosperous and equitable future. For instance, the Human Development Index in Nepal has increased over 11% since the end of the civil war in 2006, and during the same period, the number of people in Nepal living on less than $1.25 USD per day has been cut in half. But there is a chances for change, Nepal ratified its new constitution in September 2015, creating new reforms that lend themselves to a more progressive and stable environment for Nepal. 


However, Nepal is still lagging far behind its potential, especially in social and economic development. Poor infrastructure, subpar medical facilities, public and private financial instability, and an overabundance of government regulatory baring NGOs from performing at their full potential. Malnutrition and an unreliable agricultural sector are only some of the issues Nepal is facing.


VolNepal is responding!


Join us in our efforts to help ensure a brighter future for all Nepalis people. 

Featured Staff

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Shiva Rimal
(Program Director)



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Bryce Lambert
(General Manager)



Education is of utmost importance, and we are looking forward to when children can return to newly completed schools.

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The support we receive from our generous donors allows us to make Nepal a better place to live and work.

Current Projects


We aim to improve Nepal's social development process through sustainable, ecologically sound projects.

Check Out What Our Sustainable Farming Project Is All About!


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Volunteer Nepal National Group (VolNepal)
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Web: https://www.volnepal.org

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