The array of current projects ranges from the educational projects to the sustainable and livelihood projects. VolNepal advocates for sustainability and is keen on implementing and managing the sustainable projects to ameliorate the existing problems of underdevelopment and widespread poverty. We seek the communities to stand on their own and thus implement our programs by encouraging local people to be their own leaders through the extensive participation in the projects that we have designed for them. 

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My experience with VolNepal was one of the most beautiful experiences I have had. What I benefited from this experience may not be able to put into words, because it is much deeper than that. Charitable and humanitarian work usually means helping people ,but what is not known is that we also help ourselves. Moreover, what makes the experience more effective was the transparency and our access to information and data with clarity, as well as the trust the association provided us was a strong motivation to achieve the best results. We are learning to use resources to help people and the distressed to make the world a better place for all. In fact, it is part of our responsibility as I learned from Mr.Anish and Mr.Shiva. These great people who led our virtual training with all of interest. They gave us support and assistance step by step and provided us with everything you need, to get the most benefit from virtual training. Indeed, I would like to extend all my thanks, appreciation and gratitude for what they presented during the training.
Ashwaq Aljarba​
Virtual Intern
This summer I had the amazing opportunity to work with VolNepal as their tech intern. I was assigned the task of creating a new website for them using WordPress. This was a great learning experience for me as a virtual intern. They were very thorough and clear in explaining their needs and ideas for their new website. They were also approachable and very flexible with deadlines. I learnt a lot from Mr.Shiva and Mr.Anish and definitely would want to work with them again in the future and help out with VolNepal. I would like to thank them for conducting such a fruitful and beneficial internship. I would definitely ask and recommend other people to hep out with this great cause and work with VolNepal. It is truly an enlightening experience and I'd like to thank and appreciate them for their guidance and time. Overall, I had a great experience working with them!​
Rhea Baweja
Virtual Intern
I arrived at a busy time for VolNepal, meetings, meetings, meetings! So many people, donors, volunteers, NGOs, advisers, busy but very productive. I have had the great pleasure of working with such a beautiful group of souls, so much light and love! Anish, Shiva, Santosh, my chodi (Bijaya), Didi, the whole team looked after me and made sure I was well. The earth was rocking but we were all together working for Nepal and its’ wonderful people. A fabulous experience and very treasured.
Linda Mcleod
I really can’t that VolNepal for the experience they have given me. After the devastating earthquake of 2015 I initially found it really hard to find a way to help out. However thankfully, I soon found VolNepal and they offered everything I was looking for. I ended up spending a whole month with these guys rebuilding schools in and around Kathmandu and it was unforgettable. Not only did I have an opportunity to finally get sucked in, and give something back to Nepal but I also made some incredible friends along the way. Really golfed to be leaving, but I’m certain I will back one day
Jonny Sanders

Ulrike Kessler , Linda McLeod

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We are a local and independent non-profit organization.
We aim to promote a sustainable tourism community in the natural eco-communities of Nepal.