Commitment to Transparency

We have always been, and remain committed to the highest levels of transparency within our organization. Each and every individual or corporation who makes a donation to VolNepal will receive a comprehensive report of how their funds were spent.

Additionally, if there is a current program on our Projects page that strikes a chord with you, please let us know and we will do everything within our power to ensure that your contribution is allocated to that particular project.

For larger donors and for ongoing projects, we are pleased to provide phased interim reports, in addition to a single, final and more robust report summarizing the full project upon its completion. Our reports are comprehensive, and include, but are not limited to, itemized lists of what materials were purchased with your contribution, the balance of your fund throughout the course of the project, feedback and photos from volunteers at the site, as well as a full summary of the project’s tangible and intangible impacts on and benefits to the community.

Additionally, VolNepal submits all of its receipts and project invoices to a public audit process upon completion of each program. We do this so that current and potential donors have an additional layer of transparency – through the audit, they are able to satisfy themselves that VolNepal is purchasing materials for fair market value, and has been compliant with all labor and ethics standards.

Check out our flow chart below for an overview of how our donation process works

To ensure further transparency and a proper allocation of funds, an annual review of our entire organization is carried out by our board of directors. Upon request, this review can be provided to donors.

We are pleased to provide our Annual Reports (in the form of balance sheets) for public consumption. Please send us email :