Corporate Donors

 VolNepal’s important work is largely made possible by the funding and financial support we receive from GAPYear Nepal, our sister company. GAPYear Nepal offers working holidays and adventure travel paired with community involvement programs, from which a portion of the profit is allocated to covering VolNepal’s overhead. None of the VolNepal staff salaries or expenses are paid for by donor contributions, which are given entirely to our current projects.

This lends us the benefit of additional layers of donor transparency, and also helps us to maintain our status as one of the most reputable NGOs in Nepal, as we take full advantage of this important funding opportunity. 

Additionally, through this structure, we are able to coax the tourism industry in Nepal towards a more culturally integrated and conscientious direction, as our volunteers both fund and participate in our community projects, transforming those rural regions into centers for local cultural immersion. 

We are extremely pleased to be partnering with VolNepal on their Sustainable Village initiatives. Since its establishment in 2005, Managers Without Borders has been working hard to defeat poverty and improve living conditions in developing countries by working with professionals and executives, economists, development specialists and other experts of all kinds. Our relationship with VolNepal began in April 2015, when we provided two marketing experts to implement a promotional and marketing strategy, with the hope of using it to attract new donors and volunteers to their organization.

Our volunteers, Ulrike Kessler and her husband, experienced firsthand the devastation of the April 25 earthquake that rocked Nepal. Through their accounts, we were able to see the resilience and determination of the VolNepal staff, as well as the entire Nepali community, as they rallied to help. The amazing folks on the ground at VolNepal impressed us with their quick action and sensible business direction through the crisis. We look forward to achieving many important accomplishments together in the future!

Helene Pröß, Germany

Our group of spiritual adventurers was in Nepal when the quake hit in April. Several of them stayed behind and got involved with VolNepal and their early relief efforts. Since then we have been involved in supporting the efforts of VolNepal and have been impressed by the great work they are doing. We are inspired by the energy and professionalism of VolNepal and the great impact they are having in rebuilding schools as well as their innovative sustainable housing projects. We are very proud to play a small part, and would encourage others to support this very worthy, grassroots, volunteer organization. Ben Bowler World Weavers Saladmaster, Healthmax Australia

Thank you Adventure Heart Travel for your generous donation.

Thank you LUSH Germany for your donation towards our school reconstruction projects in Nuwakot, Nepal..

BABOU is a France-based organization who coordinates relief projects around the globe. BABOU is committed to providing access to education, healthcare and personal freedoms for children in disadvantaged communities. VolNepal is proud to be able to partner with BABOU, and to help facilitate the important accomplishments they are setting out to achieve. We are excited to be working hand in hand with them on a collection of reconstruction projects across the Sirkhali and Nuwakot districts of the Nepali countryside – those that were most ravaged by April’s devastating earthquake. We will be jointly funding these projects, and we are excited to see what our two extraordinary organizations can achieve together.


ELI's full name, Experiential Learning International, reflects our philosophy. We believe that the most compelling life lessons come through experience, and that international experiences are among the most profound influences on our sense of self and our view of the world


Thank you ELI Abroad (Experimental Learning International) for your generous donation.


Thank you Caritas Germany and Nepal Help for your donation towards our Early Recovery Project in Nuwakot, Nepal.


We are partnering with Books of Joy, a non profit organization. Their mission is to empower children in under-served communities to achieve their full potential through education. Thank you Books of Joy for supplying books for the library in Shree Kshetrapal Lower Secondary School in the district of Nuwakot.

“Asterisk ” means something which has further meaning . It signifies that Creativity and imagination has no limitation. It also conveys the message that our compassion and care is profound to the People and Planet without the boarder in all direction. Asterisk, established in 2010, is a pioneer Handicraft manufactures in Nepal and are our corporate donors. Through travel, we are able to understand each other, grow spiritually, and take something wonderful from our journey home with us. In our case, we create trips that also allow you to leave something behind. At Himalayan Circuit, our team works hard to improve the living conditions of the local communities in Nepal, funded by our intrepid guests. Along with our sister companies, we are able to actively enable change in Nepal, through community-centric trips and initiatives that empower and educate.


Thank you Nepal Rising (Seattle and Austin Chapters) for your generous donations.

We were first introduced to Anish and his organization, VolNepal, through friends while we were assisting in Nepal after the earthquakes in April 2015.

VolNepal's focus on lasting, and sustainable projects was part of their vision before the earthquakes and will continue into the future. Through our fundraising initiative Nepal425 which was set up with 4 friends after the earthquake, we have a strategic partnership with VolNepal. A portion of the funds that we raise through our initiative are going to be allocated to VolNepal to assist them with their ongoing projects in education and sustainable development.

We love the work that VolNepal is doing, we are proud to be associated with them, and we're looking forward to helping them do some big things in the future!

Gareth Pickering, Rich & James, Laura

South Africa, England, Canada

Shovana ev

We are thankful to Shobhana .V Germany for their partnership in our Sustainable village projects, especially for the turmeric farming. The Verein plans to work with the local turmeric farmers basically the women and they would like to support us in a long term basis. This is a sustainable way of supporting the Community. Many Many thanks to Katharina Bachmann, Marita Zinkler ,all the members from Shobhana e.V for their continuous support and motivations in our women projects.