Education Projects

Robust projects designed to improve the education system in rural Nepal

Education in Rural Nepal 

Though Nepal pledges assurances of equal access to education from grades 1 through 10, children are often unable to continue on past this very basic level due to the financial constraints of their families. In the most disadvantaged communities, this problem is most common, resulting in an overall lack of quality education for everyone in a single area. Obviously, this reduces the opportunity for any single individual from that community to improve upon their own condition


Our educational initiatives are robust and comprehensive projects designed to accommodate all facets of the educational system in Nepal’s rural communities. These programs are designed to provide assets to children and their educators from the ground up, starting with the school’s infrastructure itself, including the building and a hygienic lavatory. We are also diligent in ensuring all students are equipped with school supplies and uniforms, and all classrooms are equipped with electronic resources such as computers and textbooks. Implementing and maintaining proper teacher training is also a major focus of these programs.


Over the past years we have built more than 15 schools, set up more than 10 computers and libraries, teacher training and motivational labs. Our more recent projects are focused on providing students with an international exposure to help them later on in their career. Along with career counselling resources, we provide exchange programs for students to gain an understanding of different cultures and potential career opportunities. 

Our education centered developments are designed to provide students in rural areas with school infrastructure, school supplies, and high-quality education programs staffed with well-trained educators. We are currently working on six different education related projects in an ongoing effort to make schools safe and accessible for Nepali students.


Education is the pillar of the social and economic development of any society. Nepal, still a developing country, strives to improve the quality of their public education system.  VolNepal has established projects that target major areas of needed improvements, including school infrastructure, access to technology, and access to learning materials. 

The following are the main objectives of our educational projects:

  1. Provide necessary school materials to students in the public school system
  2. Strengthen and improve public school infrastructure
  3. Expand technological access by increasing computer lab set-ups in remote areas 
  4. Supply volunteers to teach in understaffed schools 
  5. Assess the varying needs of the schools and support them accordingly

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Project Location

Currently, we have projects based in Chitwan, Kathmandu, Nuwakot, Palp, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, Dhading , Kavrepalanchok, and New Baneshwor

Implementation Model for Education Projects

Explore Our Projets

We are focused on six core programs in our ongoing efforts to enhance the quality of education that children receive in rural Nepal.

International School Partnerships
Training and Counseling Programs
Computer Labs and Rural Information Centers
Child Sponsorship Project
Library Sponsorship Project
Construction Project

Partner With us in Educational Projects

We continue to seek out like-minded international organizations to partner with us in our endeavors.

Become a Virtual Volunteer

In response to COVID-19, VolNepal now offers a way for people to become involved remotely.  Our organization has years of experience in connecting volunteers to projects corresponding to their skill set and passions. We continue to make these matches in virtual manner, where volunteers are still able to make meaningful contributions to rural communities in Nepal. Volunteers work virtually with  our various education related projects while simultaneously empowering Nepali communities to use online platforms and tools.

We encourage applications because we have many virtual volunteering opportunities available. Depending on your interests and skills, we will work together to find something that you are passionate about. Please contact us with your resume and we will find a suitable project. Becoming an online volunteer is a way to share your skills and make a meaningful impact on communities in Nepal. 

Examples of Virtual Volunteer Undertakings: 

  • Teaching 
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Entrepreneurship Support
  • Fundraising and Grant Writing


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