Individual Donors

Urike Kessler

My husband and I were staying in Nepal while the earthquake struck. We had just started working for the German foundation Managers Without Borders to help in matters of marketing. We are very thankful that our project partner, his family, and the two of us both survived. So, we decided to help.

Back in Germany, I now hold oral presentations to inform people on the situation and encourage them to spend money. We have already raised a great sum and will proudly continue our work for the foundation and VolNepal.

Ulrike Kessler, Germany

Linda Mcleod

Namaste, I first heard of VolNepal through their association with the Monk for a Month program; I was booked to participate when the first quake hit Nepal. On reflection I decided to still travel to Nepal and help if possible. I was welcomed into the VolNepal family with open arms and I felt that I was a valued part of their team from the moment I arrived.

It has been a great privilege to know and work with this team, and we will honour our connection throughout our lives. Thank you to Anish, Shiva, Santosh & Bijaya (chori), all the fabulous volunteers and beautiful souls I was fortunate to meet.

Linda McLeod, Australia

Adrien Boher, Anne-Laure Le Cozler & Olivier Quideau

After experiencing two earthquakes in Nepal, a country I had come to love so much, it was impossible for me to leave without doing something. My friends and I raised some funds in hopes of supplying various villages with emergency relief and support. Clearly our friends and relatives were generous, as we raised more than enough to help three villages! We wanted to invest the funds in a long term project, so we decided to contact a like minded organization already established in Nepal.

After one meeting with VolNepal, it was clear that we shared a similar vision, and that we would be a good fit for each other. VolNepal works mainly toward the construction of schools for children and do so with excellent management and total transparency. They know exactly what they're doing, and where to do it. We are glad to now be a part of this organization, and to be able to contribute to the relief of a wonderful country, and the amazing people in it. We would like to thank VolNepal, and encourage Nepal to keep progressing towards recovery! 

Adrien Boher, Anne-Laure Le Cozler & Olivier Quideau


Bea Trewick & Rudy Heddes

VolNepal was one of the first organizations we found that are focusing of long-term sustainable solutions following the earthquake. When everyone was concentrating on immediate emergency aid, they were looking to the future to anticipate what would be needed next.

This forward focus allowed them to plan and organize projects in advance, with engineering design and governmental approval all being accounted for. We happily recommended VolNepal to fellow volunteers, and will continue to do so. We were involved in many of their first projects rebuilding schools after the earthquake and we feel confident and assured that all donations are utilized both appropriately and at great benefit to the local communities.

We are thankful that we were able to be involved with such genuine people and were in the position to contribute donations from our friends and families towards two of their school restoration projects. Likewise, volunteering with them has been a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

If you are considering donating or visiting or travelling with VolNepal, we would wholeheartedly advise you to do so.

Bea Trewick & Rudy Heddes

Alex,Alicia,Felix & Nic

Our primary concern after arriving in Nepal after the first earthquake was to find a reliable, trustworthy, local organization whom we could partner with. We talked to a variety, but VolNepal blew us away with their ability to move quickly, be flexible in their plans, and, most importantly, their knowledge of the social and political dynamics in the areas most affected by the earthquakes. We ended up partnering with them to help fund the reconstruction of a school in Nuwakot, and the project went extraordinarily well, with locals and volunteers from VolNepal working long days. In the end, the school was fully operational within three weeks!

We were all so impressed by the graciousness and hospitality of the Nepalese people we met in every village -- people who had suffered unimaginable hardship would still go out of their way to help us foreigners when we were struggling. Anish and Shiva from VolNepal were absolute rock stars and we are lucky to have partnered with them.

I'd encourage anyone thinking of visiting or travelling in Nepal (or thinking of donating money!) to consider VolNepal as your Number One choice!

With love,Alex, Alicia, Felix, and Nic