International School Partnerships


Our International School Project allows for an enriching exchange to occur between two schools that work together to foster student connections and enhance overall learning. New methods of instruction are suggested, attempted, and modified by teachers within the project. We facilitate a connection between an international school and a rural Nepal school in hopes of allowing rural Nepali schools to build upon their instruction methods. Students communicate between schools through online collaborative projects and pen-pal letters which allows students to build upon their language and writing skills. This project also promotes a cultural exchange among students who learn to embrace diversity and differences among various cultures. Ultimately, through this valuable experience, their understanding of other ways of life is greatly enhanced.


  1. Strengthen student relationships and foster new friendships 
  2. Improve student’s verbal and written skill set
  3. Foster a diverse and appreciative knowledge of cultures and values
  4. Enhance academic curriculums in Nepal based on communication and feedback with partnering schools

Implementation Model 

We strive to incorporate the feedback of all project members to ensure maximum success. Particularly, obtaining comments from teachers to make sure the curriculum is improved and children continue fostering new friendships and learning skills. 


Partner With us in Educational Projects

We continue to seek out like-minded international organizations to partner with us in our endeavors.

Become a Virtual Volunteer

In response to COVID-19, VolNepal now offers a way for people to become involved remotely.  Our organization has years of experience in connecting volunteers to projects corresponding to their skill set and passions. We continue to make these matches in virtual manner, where volunteers are still able to make meaningful contributions to rural communities in Nepal. Volunteers work virtually with  our various education related projects while simultaneously empowering Nepali communities to use online platforms and tools.

We encourage applications because we have many virtual volunteering opportunities available. Depending on your interests and skills, we will work together to find something that you are passionate about. Please contact us with your resume and we will find a suitable project. Becoming an online volunteer is a way to share your skills and make a meaningful impact on communities in Nepal. 

Examples of Virtual Volunteer Undertakings: 

  • Teaching 
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Entrepreneurship Support
  • Fundraising and Grant Writing


Apply to our Education-Related Remote Internship Position