Sponsor a School

Thanks for your interest in sponsoring one of our schools!

VolNepal understands the importance of a well rounded education. Our Educational Programs cover a wide variety of children’s needs, from uniforms and textbooks, to library and classroom infrastructure, to school fee coverage.  In addition to these valuable programs, our project that offers the most integrated participation experience is our International School Partnership Program.

This program provides students in Nepal and abroad with a valuable opportunity to gain firsthand understanding of another culture. Students’ knowledge of globalization will be fostered as we work to enhance tolerance and understanding of other ways of life by exposing two different social cultures to one another.

By partnering with VolNepal to sponsor a school, Western schools will find creative uses for technology, such as web-conferencing and online chat-rooms, to allow students to see and converse with their counterparts. Children will establish pen-pal style relationships to keep in touch and develop bonds with the Nepali school, and will also collaborate on fundraising activities, such as concerts and bake sales. The local school, in turn, will provide school work such as art and drawings, as well as photos of what the fundraising has contributed, to the sponsor school.

Another important benefit that can be derived from sponsoring a school is the knowledge sharing and collaboration that will be possible on the teachers’ behalf. By mutually exchanging their expertise, instructors also stand to benefit from the cultural integration of the program.

Visit our Educational Programs page to view all of our current school projects!