Success Story – Computer Lab Programme

Implementing computer labs in Nepali schools was extremely necessary as government has limited resources for such labs in rural location. Since there was no access to internet, computer and mobile communication in villages, there was a need in bringing technology and digital skills in order to adapt to urban infrastructure. After the project started, students were keen on using computers, watching multimedia movies and competing with other schools in city areas. What is important to mention is that students are now more prepared to deal with the actual situation of COVID-19 as classes are going online, the school is closed and due to the statistics, 50% of them have internet at home now and are already building computer skills. In parallel, the principal of the school encourages students to engage more frequently with computer labs through regular classes and sessions, monitoring meetings and training teachers.

This project has also been adequate enough to help students raise their academic results and develop their career goals as some of them come from poor background with no necessary facilities for education, now they are facilitated with computers and other electronic devices and are eager to be a technician or a computer engineer. Additionally, this has increased students’ confidence and their e-library and online classes flexibility and adaptability skills that makes them more curious to learn new skills and makes teaching easier, on the other side. Comparing the actual situation and the previous one when students had no computers and internet, there was a hesitation coming from them to learn and adapt, but now through the help of teaching who are willing to organize plenty of events and activities, students are engaged in timeline meetings, digital books, online modules, links and series, games and movies that they have not experienced before.

To add, as the students have to be more prepared to carry their classes digitally in the future, school is building partnerships with the UK or France via internet, but as the villages have poor family background with a hard life, it is going to be more difficult to empower them in digital world compared to students living in urban areas. To finalize, computer labs have been such a helping hand to this community as it has expanded students’ knowledge and vision for the future and help them compete with qualified educated people.