Sustainable Villages

Women developing plans towards making a more sustainable village.

Nepal’s rural population accounts for 82% of its population. Due to a number of factors however, Nepalis who reside in the countryside are often unable to take advantage of their full potential or subsist on what their village solely has to offer.  That being said, rural growth prospects and personal opportunities are tremendous.  

At VolNepal, we’ve identified several strategies to empower these communities to become more sustainable and self-sufficient. One key pillar of our sustainability efforts is the implementation of earthquake-resistant measures. In addition to constructing earthquake-safe buildings in geologically reasonable locations, we are building example structures to show future generations the foundations of the concept.

Another large segment of our sustainability project centers on agricultural efficiency. The use of ecologically friendly practices is paramount, and our programs will include education for both farmers and school children on concepts such as the use of local seeds and ecologically friendly fertilizers along with sustainable irrigation practices. As a complement to these aspects, we will also implement a training program for farmers on basic business planning and marketing, supported by a permanent training center.

Lastly, we have identified the need for more sustainable waste management systems. By increasing the knowledge base of households and school children surrounding the practices of waste management, recycling and composting, we can further enhance the communities’ development.

Our sustainability programs are also designed to involve the communities’ leaders and youth. By getting these key stakeholders involved in enhancing their own futures, we are facilitating a self-sufficiency that will hopefully last for the long-term. 

 Sustainable Village Program Location
 Start Date: January 2018Expected Duration: 3 Years
 Estimated Cost: US $270,000Funded By
Managers Without Borders / Various Individual and Corporate Donors
 Project Status: Ongoing Fund Status: Additional funding required
Community Benefits: We are embarking on our sustainable villages projects with the vision of developing the knowledge base of the local communities where energy
conservation and ecologically sound agricultural practices are concerned.
If we teach the local farmers and growers to monitor their consumption and utilization of available resources more closely, they will be able to prolong their growing season and maximize their output.
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