Virtual | Remote Internship in Nepal

VolNepal is in need of interns in its projects. In virtual Internships the participants are placed remotely, and they get the assignment that is expected to be completed remotely. The modern world of technology has made it possible. Only you need to find your career goals and let us know what you are aspiring for, we will find the best project of your choice. We partner with various other social organizations in Nepal. We will match your interest. However, every procedure is the same, as you will be working under the guidance of the local program coordinators which is going to be useful in learning and gaining lots of things along with you can help and support the organizations in Nepal.

We offer virtual (online) Internships in our following projects:

  • Educational Projects
  • Livelihood support
  • Sustainable villages
  • Construction Projects
  • Especial needs project
  • Emergency Relief
  • Fundraising and Grant Proposal Writing

The Interns are expected to gain the following skills and knowledge

  • Experiences in using online platforms
  • Training capacity
  • Motivational skills
  • Positive minded
  • Team Building
  • Report preparation
  • Business Development
  • Integrative 

How is Virtual Internships going to be equally meaningful and supportive to me and VolNepal?

The technological society has changed the way of life and also the way of learning. Internships, done remotely share the same benefits as in the traditional way of Internships. A Remote Internship needs more accountability, able to accomplish the task on time, self disciple and more over self creativity. As you are continuously in touch with the program coordinators, the Interns are continuously supervised if they are deviating from the Internship goals.

VolNepal gets more international connections which is essential for VolNepal to overcome the resource constraints. You can donate to VolNepal financially or work together for finding the grants. Still, you can support technological advancements. So, there is a WIN – WIN benefit for VolNepal and Interns.

Please email us with your resume:

Intern Reviews

My experience with VolNepal was one of the most beautiful experiences I have had. What I benefited from this experience may not be able to put into words, because it is much deeper than that. Charitable and humanitarian work usually means helping people ,but what is not known is that we also help ourselves. Moreover, what makes the experience more effective was the transparency and our access to information and data with clarity, as well as the trust the association provided us was a strong motivation to achieve the best results. We are learning to use resources to help people and the distressed to make the world a better place for all. In fact, it is part of our responsibility as I learned from Mr.Anish and Mr.Shiva. These great people who led our virtual training with all of interest. They gave us support and assistance step by step and provided us with everything you need, to get the most benefit from virtual training. Indeed, I would like to extend all my thanks, appreciation and gratitude for what they presented during the training.
Ashwaq Aljarba
Virtual Intern
During these uncertain Coronavirus times, I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to work with VolNepal, an organisation intent on facilitating social development within in Nepalese communities, and its sister organisation AccessibleNepal who provide specially designed tours for the differently abled. The internship is completely online, and it has been a great way for me to stay productive and gain some valuable skills throughout the lockdown period. My colleagues have been incredibly welcoming. We have video meetings once a week and are in contact over email to check in and talk about upcoming/previous projects, these have been really useful as they allow me to ask questions and receive any feedback. The work I have been doing has been interesting and varied, from writing content for social media and websites, networking with potential partners in the UK to researching and applying for funding/grants. In doing all of these I really feel like I am making a valuable contribution to the organisation, this feeling is reinforced by my lovely colleagues! This role is also helping me to develop some great transferrable skills that will help me in my future career. Skills include; flexibility, adaptability, communication skills and an ability to motivate myself/create and stick to certain routines and deadlines. During my role I have also been given the opportunity to work with a group of children who are based in Nepal. This has been so wonderful, for building my confidence, gaining more skills and building relationships with people in Nepal. Perhaps my favourite part of this internship experience so far has been the time spent researching and learning about Nepal as a country. It’s such a diverse country, with so many different things to do and enjoy. As someone who loves to travel, it seems like the dream place to experience! The culture, landscape and wildlife are so different from my home (the UK) and finding out about all that Nepal has to offer has made me desperate to visit, fingers crossed I will be able to one day. Overall, I am loving interning with VolNepal and AccessibleNepal and I can’t wait to see what the next month has in store!!!
John Doe
Virtual Intern