Vision & Mission


We aim to promote sustainable livelihood in rural communities by assessing the needs of the various neighbourhoods, and helping them access the materials, technologies, and knowledge required to build their environment. We strive to mobilize the local community members to help improve their surroundings with their own hands.


Our mission is to mobilize local community members, grassroots non-profit organizations, and NGOs from a variety of sectors, and encourage them to work together in order to promote a sustainable and responsible future.


> To be inclusive in our approach in enabling communities to achieve their growth potential through the use of sustainable practices.

> To help reduce poverty and generate employment in local neighborhoods through community-based projects.

> To improve equal access to quality education to promote growth and employment prospects.

> To empower and ameliorate the output capacities of local communities.

> To integrate community-based with main-stream tourism in order to optimize the cultural immersion benefits to both travelers and locals.

> To maintain the most sustainable and responsible practices possible while managing both the influx of travelers and volunteers through rural Nepali communities.