Volunteer Opportunities

Thanks for your interest in volunteering with us!

VolNepal is always pleased to accept volunteers. We understand how valuable your time and money are, and we always strive to maximize our volunteers’ resources, so they can be of optimal use to the communities we serve, as well as ensuring they walk away feeling fulfilled, and proud of their accomplishments.

Depending on the projects that are underway, we may require volunteers for a variety of tasks, including reconstruction, teaching, or even medically-related work. However, we are almost always recruiting for most administrative positions, including but not limited to:

> General Manager

> Project Leader

> Volunteer Coordinator

> Media Support

> Proposal or Fundraising Support

You can either email us in advance of your trip to Nepal, or simply drop in and visit us at our office in Kathmandu! Particularly those who have a competency or proficiency in a certain field, including economics, agriculture, construction, medicine, or psychology, please come and visit us!

If you aspire to participate in VolNepal’s humanitarian outreach, but are unable to make the trip overseas, please consider making a donation in lieu.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you have, at volunteer@volnepal.org. Hope to see you soon!